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Monroe County, New York – County Clerk

Government has a reputation for running poorly. Consider the DMV or IRS. Surely you’ve waited in line for long periods to renew your license only to find out from the disgruntled employee you are missing some vital piece of information, which it turns out later you really don’t need at all. Multiply this level of ineptitude and frustration 100 times and you’ll have the Monroe County Clerk’s Office.

If this government office were a private company it would have been out of business decades ago. This office is the typical government cliche come to life in the form of Dr. Frankenstein’s monster. It exemplifies all that is wrong with local government without any of the good.

The leadership is incompetent, apathetic and rudderless. The employees are, with a few exceptions, unprofessional, undereducated and extraordinarily slow and unhelpful. The office policies in regard to their “customers” are seemingly pointless and made without careful consideration, while enforcement is sporadic and erratic and not in anyway even handed. And none of it will ever change. Well, it may get worse, but it won’t change for the better.


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